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Real Estate Photography in Essex & Suffolk

Professional Property Photography in Essex

Our mission is to showcase your property in the best possible light, using eye-catching photography that engages with potential buyers.
We’re a digital marketing agency that understands every property has a story to tell. By working closely with our clients, we ensure the property’s biggest strengths are captured and highlighted through our photography. Our attention to detail, prompt turnaround time, and commitment to excellence ensure that your property listing gets noticed, fast.

Get the most out of your property listings with our professional external and internal property photography in Essex, and experience the difference that exceptional visuals can make in today’s competitive market. We take pride in our ability to emphasise a properties qualities, ensuring that potential buyers get a proper feel for the space, whilst appreciating the homely aspect.



Property Photography

We offer real estate photography in Essex, showcasing stunning homes with exceptional imagery that attract buyers. 

Sky Replacement

Our sky replacement service ensures a picture-perfect backdrop that showcases your property in the best light.


Grass Replacement

Revitalise and refresh your property images with our grass replacement service. Creating lush, vibrant lawns that enhance the overall appeal of your listing.

Property Videography

Professional property videography, making your listings stand out to potential buyers and providing engaging content for your social media followers.

Blemish Removal

In order for a property to look its best, we remove inconvenient blemishes and objects to ensure flawless presentation without being misleading.

Photo Enhancement

Our photo enhancement services help elevate your property images, bringing out the best in every shot and capturing the attention of potential buyers.


In today’s competitive property market, estate agents need to stand out and offer potential buyers an immersive and captivating experience. As experts in property videography, we can provide stunning visuals and dynamic storytelling, to show potential buyers what makes a house a home.
Go beyond the traditional photographs and not only elevate your listings, but your brand, by delivering a superior experience to your online followers, positioning you as the go-to estate agent on your market.
Check out our video of an impressive 4 bedroom home built by Essex property developer, Seven Developments.



We offer property photography and editing services that deliver high-quality, enhanced images at a competitive price with a quick turn-around.

In order to attract potential buyers on websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market, each property image must be captivating. We can take your images to the next level by enhancing them carefully, ensuring they are flawless and give your listing and brand a great look and feel.

We provide an extensive range of professional enhancement, retouching and editing services for all kinds of property images, interior, exterior and drone.

Whether you’re selling a house or just want to make sure your listing is looking its best, Glitch Marketing can take your property photos to the next level. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality images that will attract potential buyers.

Glitch Marketing - Property Photo Enhancement
Glitch Marketing - Property Photo Enhancement
Glitch Marketing - High View 7 - property photography estate agent images Suffolk Essex London
Glitch Marketing - Property Photo Enhancement
Glitch Marketing - Property Photography in Essex - Marlowe Way



Elevate your listings with our exceptional aerial property photography services. Showcase unique features, lusious surroundings, and highlight outdoor space. Our high-quality aerial images provide a comprehensive and visually stunning view of the entire property. This allows potential buyers to fully appreciate the scale, location, and charm of each property.

Our operators are qualified, registered and insured for commercial aerial photography and videography. Safety is our priority and every property is photographed with the utmost professionalism and care. We understand that we are representing our clients and want to do so in the best way possible by minising risks and disruptions to the surrounding area.

Glitch Marketing Aerial Property Photography - High View mobile
Glitch Marketing Aerial Property Photography in Essex - Seven Developments
Glitch Marketing - High View 7 - property photography estate agent images Suffolk Essex London
Glitch Marketing - Aerial Property Photography in Essex - Marlowe Way
Glitch Marketing Aerial Property Photography in Essex Suffolk - Seven Developments


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As a digital marketing agency, our services are not limited to property photography in Essex. We offer an entire range of services to help businesses thrive in today’s online world.